Breaking the world record
4250nm is the distance we need to cover in order to break the current world record.
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Captain Lola Odujirin
First British African to fly solo around the world joining the elite club of earth rounders
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Africa to London Solo Bike Ride
Lola challenge himself on a grueling 17 days bicycle ride from Africa to London.
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A guy who overcome all odds
I just don’t want to be remembered as the man who flew around the world, i would rather want to be remembered as the guy who overcame all odds”
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Project 4250

My name is Lola Odujirin, this project aims to break and set a new world record for the Longest distance an aircraft of a certain class has flown within a closed course, therefore we need to cover a distance of 4250nm to break the current world record.

The flight map

For the first time in history, watch a live video of Lola breaking a new world record powered by Iridium Satellite

Watch a sample of upcoming live video and tracking

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